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3 Most Common Metal Building Repairs

By Mid-Land Enterprises | May 2, 2017
Mid-Land Enterprises discusses the three most common metal building repairs

There are so many benefits of metal building ownership. Low maintenance is always near the top of the list, but don’t confuse “low” maintenance with “no” maintenance! Because metal buildings are exposed to the elements, including severe weather, it’s critical to conduct regular inspections to ensure that they’re damage-free.

Whether you have a professional perform the inspection, do it yourself, or delegate it to someone on your team, take a minute and acquaint yourself with the following three common building repairs. These are the most common ailments for metal buildings, and should never be ignored.

1. Scratches1. Scratches

Scratches might seem insignificant; like normal wear and tear you could expect a metal building to show. While it might be true that your metal building could have scratches from normal wear and tear, you absolutely should not ignore them. Left untreated, scratched steel panels can quickly become corroded and put the integrity of the building in jeopardy. Timely repair can stop the progress of corrosion and keep your building in better shape for longer.

2. Holes

2. Holes

Holes of any sort in the building should be addressed right away, as they allow moisture inside the building walls. Moisture is detrimental to building longevity. In addition to the structural concerns it poses, it can also lead to mold, corrosion, bacteria and more unpleasantness. Small or large, get them fixed as soon as possible.


3. Bends

3. Bends

Bends in a metal building -- whether it is due to a forklift backing into its side, the accumulation of snow on the roof or some other cause -- can result in leaks within the building itself. If these bends are not fixed quickly, the foundation could deteriorate and become damaged. This can place the integrity of the entire building in question.


Mid-Land Building's Metal Building Exterior Maintenance TipsOur free resource on Metal Building Exterior Maintenance addresses these and other common maintenance issues.It also contains a maintenance schedule so you can rest easy knowing your inspections are up-to-date.

Building maintenance requires diligence and a knowledge of the signs of trouble. Metal building repair, including the ones listed above, requires skill and sometimes specialized equipment. Coordinating a building maintenance plan with a professional can remove the burden of guess-work from your building’s longevity. At Mid-Land Building, we’ve been building, repairing and maintaining metal buildings since 1999. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you maximize the usage and productivity of your steel buildings. We’re here to help.

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