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3 Reasons to Outsource Steel Building Maintenance

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Jul 27, 2016

One of the hallmarks of great leadership is knowing when to tackle the job yourself and when to delegate it to someone else. Steel building maintenance is one of those jobs that’s easy to put off until you begin to have real problems, the kind that can cost your company big bucks.
While many steel buildings are covered by manufacturer’s warranties, these agreements require the owner to perform some basic maintenance steps on a regular basis.

These can include:

  • checking the roof for debris or damage
  • cleaning the gutters at least twice a year
  • cleaning the exterior walls to remove built-up rain or wind deposits
  • lubricating and adjusting the roller door mechanisms
  • inspecting the interior of the buildings for signs of pest or insect infestation

Fail to cover any of these steps and you may find yourself on the hook for repairing expensive damage, the kind that can take a big chunk out of your operating budget. There are some basics that need to be done, and we created a free guide to walk you through some basics. It's called the Mid-Land Enterprise METAL BUILDING EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE GUIDE.

While steel building maintenance may seem like a simple task, like so many jobs there’s more to it than most people realize. For starters, if you’re unfamiliar with roller door mechanisms, then it’s best to leave the maintenance to experienced pros. That’s because these doors can freeze in place, come off the tracks, or even fall shut on their own with little or no warning. If that happens, you’ll be facing problems ranging from increased risk of theft to injured crew members.

Outsourcing some of your less frequent chores can free you up to focus on your core competencies. This is a fancy term that simply means “do what you’re best at and the money will follow.” But, to do so, you have to know what jobs to farm out to trusted contractors. In many cases, steel building maintenance is one of those tasks and we'd be happy to help you evaluate your actual needs and propose an appropriate schedule for maintenance. Just CONTACT US for your free evaluation.


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