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5 Keys to Cleaning out the Shop in 1 day

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Jul 4, 2017
5 Keys to Cleaning out the Garage in 1 Day

Getting your shop or garage cleaned out often seems like an overwhelming job. Honestly, it is the sort of thing that gives most of us a headache. If you dread getting started and just can't bring yourself to do it, we have some Mid-land Pro Tips for you.

Here are 5 keys to cleaning out your shop (or garage) in 1 day.

Key #1: Ignore the big picture

Don't focus on everything that needs to get done. Just take intentional small bites at a time. Focus on smaller tasks by breaking things into manageable chunks. If the job takes more than one day, you'll be able to name your progress more easily. If you intentionally zero in on specific areas or problems, when someone asks you can say, "Oh, yeah. I spent about 15 minutes out there today and got rid of all the old fluids that had gone bad."

Key #2: Empty your shelves

Shelves - we all have them. Everyone has a bunch of stuff on their shelves that expired in 2005, has been completely forgotten about, and will never be used again. So get rid of it! Dispose of any chemicals, paint or fluids safely or recycle them. Sort the remaining ones into related groups. Grouping things will make it easier for you to come back and organize them in a more permanent way.

Key #3: Sort and separate your projects

Sort the pieces and parts of any ongoing projects into their own separate areas. If you're finding parts of projects that you know you're never going to finish, just get rid of them! If that old lawn mower won't start and you haven't gotten back to working on it...maybe it's just time for it to go. Trust us. Gaining the square footage will be worth it. Consider how you could start storing things overhead so you can get things up off the floor.

Key #4: Unearth those boxes

Open up and look through every box that is living in the space you're cleaning. If you don't remember why the box ended up there or you don't have a use for it anymore, donate its contents or trash it. Pare down the remaining boxes. Use smaller boxes if necessary. Don't forget to label the outsides to help you find things more easily later.

Key #5: Set yourself up for future success

Having a dedicated place established for everything you want to keep is a critical part of staying organized over the long haul. If you continue to keep things you don't need, you'll always be moving one thing to get to another. Discarding things that no longer belong is the best strategy for getting things clean and keeping it that way. Knowing what you have will save you dollars. Less clutter will improve your productivity and allow more time for you to do the fun things you enjoy. 

If you're committed to getting organized and staying that way,
check out our free Guide to 5S organization!

So, after you've cleaned out your space, focus on organizing the useful things that remain. Figure out what you want to accomplish with your organization strategy. Do you want to be able to park your car inside? Build a man cave? Make a space for bigger welding or woodworking projects?

We recommend that you do a little research and find a cost effective solution that will work for the majority of your storage needs. Try out different storage options to keep your tools, chemicals, and other important items neat, clean and organized. There are many benefits to same-size and same-style containers.

As you look at storage and organization options, keep in mind that strategies that work for your neighbor might not work well for you. 

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