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It’s Time To Expand Your Facility

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Nov 19, 2018

Topics: Advice for Managers

Growth is exciting. It means that you’re doing something right and your hard work is paying off - ...
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6 Tips for encouraging Your Team for Safety

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Oct 4, 2018

Topics: Workplace Safety

Every company claims that the safety of its employees is a top priority for their organization. ...
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How Well Are You Protecting Your Metal Roof?

There are many reasons why so many people choose metal roofing for their building, shops, and ...
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Mid-Land Machine Shop Tour

For nearly two decades Mid-Land has been building metal structures and providing our community with ...
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Desire to Improve as a Core Value

At Mid-Land Enterprises, we put a lot of emphasis on our core values. They are the guidelines for ...
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Integrity and Professionalism as Core Values

It’s no secret that at Mid-Land Enterprises we are guided by our core values. We incorporate ...
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Committed and Quality Driven as Core Values

When Kenny Neal started Mid-Land Enterprises, he did so based on a set of incredibly strong core ...
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3 DIY Tool Organization Tips for Your Machine Shop

There truly is nothing more complex than simplification. Thinking through our movements, our needs ...
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