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Mid-Land Machine Shop Tour

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Jul 6, 2018
Mid-Land Enterprises Machine Shop Tour

For nearly two decades Mid-Land has been building metal structures and providing our community with millwright and building services. However, in 2016 we did some bui
lding for ourselves and erected a new facility with a full service machine shop - equipped with state of the art technology and all of the machinery we use to custom fabricate parts and components for installations and repairs.

We are proud of the clean workspace that we’ve created and feel it is worth sharing. That being said, we are excited to take you on a short tour of the Mid-Land Enterprise machine shop and give you a glimpse of all the pieces that make our work possible. Let's start with one of our most frequently used pieces of equipment - the iron worker.

Iron-worker Machine

An iron-worker or “punch” is an integral part of most commercial manufacturing facilities. A 
hydraulic iron-worker can be used for several metal-fabricating functions including shearing, notching, and, most commonly, punching holes.

Press Break

Like the iron worker, the press brake uses hydraulics. However, instead of punching holes, the press break machine bends sheet metal using different kinds of punches and dies to form a variety of different workpieces.


The shear is designed to cut metal without the use of burning or melting. Shearing can be used in many applications including blanking, piercing, and trimming. Because of its design, with the shear there is no chipping, unlike our next item on the tour: the lathe.


A metalworking lathe is used for shaping metal round by holding and rotating the workpiece while a cutting tool or bit is pushed into the workpiece - causing a chip removing cutting action. The lathe is used to build many different pieces that work in conjunction with the rest of our equipment around the shop.


Forklifts are used to transport our materials around the shop. As you can imagine, we use a lot of metal every single day - making the forklift one of the most important pieces of equipment in the Mid-Land machine shop.

Power Wall 

When designing our new facility, we knew in order to run all of our equipment, it was going to take a lot of energy. We also knew that to supply our shop with this power we wanted to use a renewable source of energy. That's why we installed 104 solar panels on top of the shop - supplying our facility with approximately 42,000 kWh every year.

Even with our well organized building, highly efficient energy source, and all of our equipment, at Mid-Land, we know that the most important aspect of our machine shop is our workforce. The people that come day-in and day-out and safely run this place. It is their commitment to cleanliness and safety that keeps our shop running, allowing us to continually serve our community and the surrounding area.

Mid-Land Shop

We emphasize the importance of keeping your workplace organized for many reasons. When the shop is in order employees are safer, they work more efficiently, and productivity is increased. At Mid-Land Enterprises, we practice what we preach. We hope that this tour has been the proof that the best workspace is a well-organized workspace.

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