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Desire to Improve as a Core Value

At Mid-Land Enterprises, we put a lot of emphasis on our core values. They are the guidelines for ...
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Integrity and Professionalism as Core Values

It’s no secret that at Mid-Land Enterprises we are guided by our core values. We incorporate ...
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Committed and Quality Driven as Core Values

When Kenny Neal started Mid-Land Enterprises, he did so based on a set of incredibly strong core ...
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3 DIY Tool Organization Tips for Your Machine Shop

There truly is nothing more complex than simplification. Thinking through our movements, our needs ...
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Safety as a Core Value

At Mid-Land Enterprises we've been taking a deep look at our core values as a company. Our mission ...
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Our Core Values Move Us Forward - VIDEO

At Mid-Land Enterprises, team members look for ways to raise the bar every day. Our reputation of ...
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Renewable Energy at Mid-Land's New Facility

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Dec 13, 2017

Topics: Mid-Land Company News

Your electric bill is a non-negotiable, ever-present cost that you just can't eliminate. As long as ...
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Protecting Materials on the Job Site will Save you Money

It's no secret that faulty or damaged materials on your job site can cause trouble for your ...
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