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Pro Tips from Mid-Land's AWS 6G Certified Welders

By Mid-Land Enterprises | May 18, 2017
Pro Tips from Mid-Land's AWS 6G Certified Welders

Businesses that offer building and millwright services are looking to hire great welders to join their certified welding teams. If you are just getting started or have been welding long, you're looking for ways to quickly improve your skills without having to practice 24 hours a day. 

There are a lot of you that have been welding for several years but want to learn even more about the craft and art of welding. This is a great place to get started.

We want to be clear here. The most impactful things you can do are get practice and get certified. Those aren't the only things though. You need head knowledge in addition to your muscle-memory if you are really going to excel. 

Here are three tips to supports and enhance your welding skills:

Pro Tip #1 - Free Online Resources

Limitless information is available online. You can learn as much as you want about nearly anything you want to learn about if you know where to start looking. There are a bunch of online communities that share videos, pictures, critiques and advice about welding topics of all sorts. Here are some we recommend.


Welding communities on Reddit share pictures and stories of things they are working on and offer advice to people who are learning the trade. Create an account and subscribe to channels that interest you to stay up to date with the latest content. Get started at reddit.com/r/welding and reddit.com/r/weldingjobs.


Welding instructors and YouTube creators have uploaded hundreds of informational videos about welding. Any question you can think of has already been addressed and all you have to do is search for it. Some great channels that have a ton of content to choose from are WeldingTipsAndTricksWeldDotCom and WeldFever. If you don't already have a YouTube account, sign up and subscribe to these channels so you don't miss anything new. 

Dedicated Welding Websites

There is a wealth of information available for free out there. A couple of great sites to check out are weldingtipsandtricks.comand millerwelds.com/resourcesThe sites might not be the most stylish, so just remember that you're looking for expertise in welding, not web design.

Pro Tip #2 - Welding Practice Tests

Did you know the Internet provides practice welding tests that can help you remember basic but important welding information while improving your welding knowledge base? They're fun, easy to take and self-explanatory.

Try these tests in your spare time: welding test #1 and welding test #2.

Pro Tip #3 - Certification

Earning additional welding certifications is another excellent way to improve your resume and boost your welding skills.The best welders have the AWS 6G certifcation and are qualified to do maintenance work in plant and factory environments.

Welding technology programs offered at vocational and community colleges involve hands-on learning modules and advanced instruction by professional welders regarding fabrication welding, blueprint reading, gas tungsten arc welding, pipe welding and flux-cored welding.

If you are interested in obtaining welding certifications, start here to find a school in your area qualified to award these types of certificates.

If you are searching for experienced welders to perform work at your industrial facility, call Mid-Land Enterprises. Our building and millwright teams are AWS 6G certified and can have your welding job completed quickly, even in emergency circumstances. 

Get that job done right the first time by calling us today!

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