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Spring Cleaning Tips

By Mid-Land Enterprises | May 4, 2016

Those gray winter days are mostly in the past and Spring is around the corner. As a proud homeowner, you want to make sure your residence is in tip-top shape for all the warm weather activities you enjoy. But, like most of us, you don’t have a fortune to spend on professional housekeeping services and whatnot. Not to worry. We can help you tidy up for less with these handy Spring cleaning tips.

First Impressions Count

Your doormat can really take a beating from wintertime weather. So, the first chance you get, give it a good shake to remove loose dirt, then sweep, mop, and/or vacuum it to get rid of remaining stains.

Check Your Rugs and Carpets

Your fabric floor coverings can really take a pounding during the holiday season. So start the new year right by pampering them with a little carpet shampoo. You can rent lightweight, easy-to-use machines for this purpose at grocery and retail outlets. Try the solution on an inconspicuous part of your rugs first to ensure it doesn’t harm the coloring. If your carpets have special anti-stain additives or were recently installed, then check with your dealer first to make sure you don’t void your warranty.

Don’t Forget Your Hard Floors

A standard wash-and-wax liquid may be all you need to get these surfaces looking their best. Real wood floors require a purpose-made cleaning solution and a new coat of sealant. But, if nothing else, even a simple sweep-and-mop can make your flooring seem like new.

Make Your Walls Shine

A sponge mop and a bucket of warm, sudsy water can remove months or even years of dirt and dust. Work in sections and pace yourself for best results. Use a stepladder if needed for those hard-to-reach places.

Go All the Way to the Top

Don’t forget your ceilings, lamps, and lighting fixtures. Affordable cleaning tools with extension handles are available at most mass merchandisers. These products can help you make short work of this important task.

Wipe those Windows

Wintry weather can cover your windows in layers of road salt and grime. Fortunately, some clean water with a dash of vinegar is all you need to get them ready for warmer days. Sponges or microfiber cloths do a better job than paper towels, which can streak.

Following these Spring cleaning tips will help you to get your home looking its best, enabling you to show it off with pride to family and friends.

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