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3 Facts about an Expert Millwright and the Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

By Mid-Land Enterprises | Jan 25, 2017
Check out these 3 Facts about Expert Millwrights!

The "mill" in millwright refers to the origin of the trade in building flour mills, sawmills, and paper mills. Mills were often powered by water or wind. Workers with specialized skills and a deep understanding of machinery were needed to get, and keep, things running.

Facilities in most industries rely on millwrights to construct and maintain their machinery to this day. They can be called in to assemble new equipment and install new parts as they arrive at the plant. In many cases, these parts cannot be moved without the proper rigging and equipment.

FACT #1 - Millwrights are trained to assess load bearing capabilities of the parts they are moving, and the equipment they are moving it with. They coordinate with crane teams to maneuver and install large pumps, valves, fans, rollers, turbines, rotors and more.

Putting complicated machines together is no small feat. Even massive machinery has incredibly small parts that have to be put together in the right order with hand and power tools.

FACT #2 - Millwrights must be able to read blueprints and schematic drawings. Understanding the plans for complex machinery is critical for correct installation or disassembly.

Millwrights are commonly called in to fix a large piece of machinery that is causing a delay in production. At any given time, a shaft, gear box, bearing, pulley or cutting tool may need a brand new part that cannot be sourced in time, or at all. Factories with strict schedules look to expert millwrights to create precision replicas of broken or damaged parts.

FACT #3 - Millwrights are typically highly-skilled and certified welders. They are capable of on-site or off-site fabrication and custom build to your needs.

At Mid-Land Enterprises, our expert millwright department is equipped and trained to help when you have a crisis. When your production line isn't operational, the down-time comes with a high cost. Our team is available 24/7 and can be brought in on short notice to take care of your urgent needs. Give us a call.

Many industries rely on expert millwrights to help them in a bind, but the best time to use a millwright is before you have a problem.

Bring in the expertise of a millwright to help with preventative care like:

  • proper lubrication of machinery
  • proactive bearing replacement
  • seal maintenance and replacement
  • and many other regular maintenance tasks

Don't wait to call us until you are in trouble. Talk to one of our guys about routine maintenance and regular service work to keep your machinery in production and running smoothly.

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